Random Thoughts

Well, the Rubber Tit performance tonight was really quite interesting. It seemed as though there were 4 parts: the beginning, which involved Tari Ito encapsulated in the box while we watched the screen and learned about the nature of the assemblywoman coming out to her peers (was this a bio?); part 2, which involved her playing with the finally-inflated rubber breast as a sort of selfish experience with the audience looking in; part 3, which involved the audience’s participation and a general uplifting of mood; and the final part, which consisted of her own personal, intense(ly sexual, IMO) experience and it’s final post-climax come down. It was interesting to see how the beginning and the end tied together through the use of the screen; only whereas in the beginning she was entrapped and in hiding, by the end she was free and partaking in what I would imagine would be an ordinarily very self-conscious climactic experience. It’s interesting how her sexuality has gone from overly-repressed to the polar opposite, an extreme openness that seems almost necessary if she is to feel comfortable with who she is and help transform society to accept differing sexual identities. I imagine that final personal acceptance and “breaking through” is what allows her to act so freely and openly sexually in front of an audience, removing any barriers of discomfort. And I’d also just like to note the interchange between Tari Ito and MASA; as they play off each other’s emotions and actions/music, it’s as if the performance takes on its own livelihood separate/greater than either of their individual entities. Very thought-provoking and definitely enjoyable.

-Sean R


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