The saxophone added dynamic

I also thought the very first part of the performance was very interesting. It was almost ‘creepy’ at first to see Tari in the ‘closet’ playing with the microphone in her mouth and Masa’s saxophone sounds making wind noises, and the nightvision camera showing us her ‘secrets’ projected onto the screen. The saxophone definitely gave the performance more flavor, increasing the dynamic of the act. I could not help myself from laughing at some points when the gigantic rubber tit was bouncing around the room. It was especially funny to me when she just jumped into the Tit, as well as when she jiggled the Tit up and down. I think it’s great that Tari gets to act out her coming out experince in such a creative open way as well as for Masa to play her music that replaces her words. The performance was definitely worth watching.

-Miho G


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