Tari and MASA

Tari and MASA’s performance was a truly great experience. I
sincerely enjoyed the performance throughout because it made
me react in ways I hadn’t anticipated. I was a bit scared when
Tari wrapped yarn around a few people’s feet because being
that interactive with something that is new can be terrifying:-)

But by the time the rubber tit was blown up and free to move,
I suddenly found myself wanting to interact and see where the
rest of the performance went. I truly appreciated the
beginning because while this interpretation might be totally
off from what Tari and MASA may discuss in class tomorrow, the
sound of Tari’s teeth with the green mic and MASA’s vocal
sounds were very desensitizing, but in a positive way. It made
me feel more open to rest of the performance because I had to
establish some patience within myself to remain unbiased and
objective and it helped me a great deal to focus on such
intense audio sounds that I was unused to.

-Santee B


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