nori’s visit

When I first read Nori’s interview and blog I was surprised by how strong he seemed. I think that the experiences he went through (both in Iraq and Japan) would have made me go through years of therapy. I don’t think that I would have been willing to set up a blog and basically allow others to attack me and then try to explain my situation to those harsh critics. It amazed me that he was willing, and even sought, ways of hearing others opinions about himself and trying to change them. While he answered the questions in our classroom I had to remind myself that he was younger than me. He went through a horrible experience in Iraq, came home to a barrage of attacks, and yet he still goes to school and has based a large portion of his life on the interent (both with his blog and the Beppoo website). It’s not that I expected him to stop living his life, but I think it is amazing that he is willing to engage in these activities in a relatively short time since Iraq. He said that he felt that coming to Chicago has allowed him to reflect back on his time in Iraq and reevaluate his life in the past three years. I think this was fairly noticeable. In the classroom he barely wanted to talk about the actual hostage situation and by the Thursday he was willing to talk about the first few days of it in detail. It took a large amount of willpower to be able to recollect his experience and share it with others.



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