Kiku’s Class Visit

I thought Kiku’s work was pretty incredible. Just wanted to get that out there first…

I think what I enjoyed most about his visit was when he talked about what it was like being a young person and a college student in Japan. Kiku talked about how his grandmother, one of his great influences, was a piano teacher–and even though he wasn’t particularly talented when it came to the piano, he found other ways to make music. I never really used to think of noise as music, particularly not in the sense of Carsten Nicolai’s music. But seeing how “noise” can be used, as in “Dumb Type,” made a difference. Oto clarified a lot of issues with context that I had with post-techno music and brought to light the amount of creativity that has to go into making the smallest “bleep.” For example, before his talk, I never would have been able to properly differentiate between techno and post-techno based on their sound and feel. Additionally, the link between music and art (in terms of periods) is uncanny–I never would have thought to draw the connection.

Oto’s Master’s thesis was pretty neat, too. I never would have thought to make art on the backs of CDs just to see what it would do to the sounds–and that wasn’t even what his thesis was really about. Collage music, like collage art, is a very creative way to put together a myriad of objects and concepts until they become their own whole. It was also interesting to see how his interests and projects have expanded since then.

Did anyone else really enjoy his explanation for “why noise?” as well? The thought that people are reverting to noise music as a way to reminisce and be nostalgic about the sounds of analog music struck me as something a person from the current college generation would never say. Oto’s theory does bring to mind, though, the thought that not everything that is newer is better.

You know, our university has some pretty awesome people working for it…

– Jorie


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