Nori Comes to Chicago

I was very excited to meet student activist, Noriaki Imai. I was already excited about taking a Pop Culture In/Out of Japan course and to start off the quarter with a meeting with a student activist was a privilege. I thought that his campaign to inform Japanese youth about international politics and events to be very courageous. I do think there is a problem today with today’s younger generations being uninterested in politics, domestic and international. It was different to hear about someone my age who took the responsibility to go to Iraq in order to gain first-hand experience of the perils of depleted uranium and its consequences, all for the sake of trying to get the rest of my generation to pay attention to global politics.

I will never forget Nori’s visit. It was also a great pleasure to show him around campus and to talk to him about his college life. It was very hard for him to talk about his experiences in Iraq, but I respect his causes and hope that he comes back to Chicago someday.



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