response to Nori’s visit

I was definitely a bit star-struck to meet someone I’ve seen in international news. It was a great opportunity to hear Nori’s own account of his experiences in person, without much mediation aside from his language barrier. However, I was disappointed that he didn’t provide much insight regarding the entire episode; rather than sharing his etiological understanding of the hate crime phenomenon that occurred after his return to Japan, he just described the very surface layer of what happened. It would have been an enriching and truly relevant experience for students in this course to have a profound look at this peculiar aspect of Japanese pop culture (i.e. the prominent trend of anonymous slander via collective internet fetishization). Of course, I realize that it is hard for anyone to discuss in detail the traumatic events of his life, but this difficulty should not take away from our ethical responsibility to construct a coherent comprehension of the bad things that happen to us. Furthermore, I also hope that Nori will eventually continue his work in anti-DU advocacy. For a cause he once felt so strongly about, he really shouldn’t give up so easily. Even considering the potential for further villainization, there is a myriad of low-key work that could be done for the purpose of ending the use of DU. That said, I did thoroughly enjoy his visit.



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