More on our presentation

Just to briefly add to what my group-mates have already done concerning our presentation on Japanese pop music since WWII;


One of the main themes is the interplay between imported American styles of music and their adoption by a Japanese audience. With this, as we also saw in both Blue Nippon and Hip Hop Japan, came a desire for validation of the music as both an “accurate” expression of whichever musical genre as well as an expression of Japanese-ness, or rather that a Japanese twist was put on it.


I have a couple of mp3s that I thought might be a nice addendum to the work my group-mates have done before me:


Sakamoto Kyu: “Ue o muite arukō” often referred to in the US as “Sukiyaki”:


The Happy End: “Kaze Wo Atsumete” from the earl 1970’s:


Zeebra: “Untouchable” an example of more hardcore hip hop:


The Pillows: “Crazy Sunshine” a recent rock band


Boris: “Farewell” a fairly recent noise/doom/sludge release:


Utada Hikaru: “This is Love” One of the most famous J-Pop artists from her 2006 release:



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