Nori’s visit – thoughts

In regards to Nori’s visit, I have to admit that I was disappointed by the way he just stuck to the surface level of what happened; not only did he not really explore any of the possible underlying reasons for why he’s been received the way he has in Japan, but he didn’t even really go into his time in Iraq at all. Granted, I got a bit of a summary from the interview and other articles, but it would have been nice to get more of his direct opinions on the Iraqi people, and some of his viewpoints on the larger issue as a whole. He also didn’t really say anything about DU, except that it’s bad and so he went to Iraq – but why? What did he hope to achieve? Overall, I wish he would have gone into the issues and his experience more, but at the same time I understand how hard it must be for him (and his limited knowledge of English probably didn’t help much either). So regardless, I am very glad he came, and it was a great opportunity, especially to spend time with him as a person and not just as a celebrity activist, or an untouchable figurehead. His visit has been much appreciated.



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