Oto – thoughts

Kiku’s presentation, coming from the biased perspective of an unabashed music aficionado, was most excellent. The world of post-techno is a new realm to me, so of course being presented with information on it is like being a kid in a candy shop. Although the word “techno” has negative connotations (IMO) here in the U.S. – perhaps post-electronica would be more appropriate here, as “techno” in Japan seems to equate to “electronica” over here – it’s clear that most of the post-techno stuff is anything but thoughtless dance music (even the club-type stuff was more interesting than a lot of what I would consider “techno”). But not to get caught up in meaningless genre debates-

I would be interested to know where stuff like Boards of Canada, Four Tet, Adult., or Tim Hecker fit in in the world of post-techno electronica. I imagine they would be considered more “rock-tronica” stuff, but I think that kind of a broad-based term isn’t particularly just, especially considering the wide variety of artists who use sounds beyond programmed beats and glitches. It’s interesting that a lot of post-techno stuff is considered “high art,” though – I can’t imagine museums being interested in playing Adult. as “high art” (maybe for performance art or something, as background music…)

And just to throw it out there, the dumb type stuff is really freakin’ sweet.


One Response to Oto – thoughts

  1. tiffanysays says:

    I loved Kiku/oto’s presentation.

    And I agree. dumb type is awesome.

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