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Hello…I am writing to ask for everyone’s help in promoting Friday’s film screening. It is great that all of us have the opportunity to meet and hear insight from the guests who have been invited to UofC this quarter, but as Outreach Coordinator, I really want to reach out to people who might not know that much about Japan. This is a great opportunity to expand our knowledge of Japan. So, if you have any friends who might be interested, please pass on the info. I have included a description below and attached the poster. Let’s get the word out about this event!!!

US Premiere:

Rokkashomura Rhapsody: A Plutonium Plant Comes to Northern Japan
–Film Screening and Q&A Session with Film Director Hitomi Kamanaka

Friday, April 20th 7:00pm

Film Studies Center, The University of Chicago
1212 East 59th Street
Chicago IL 60637

This event is free and open to the general public.

Following the screening, there will be a Q&A Session with the film’s director,
Hitomi Kamanaka. The session will be led by documentary filmmaker Judy Hoffman and
film scholar Michael Raine, both on the University of Chicago faculty.

Film Description: This documentary film is set in Rokkashomura, a small village in northern Japan. In 2004, the village saw the completion of a reprocessing plant where plutonium is extracted from spent nuclear fuel. The village is faced with the potential of environment and public health threats due the low level release of radiation as well as the possibility of an accident at the plant, but like many small villages in Japan, revenue from fishing and agriculture can no longer support the community. The construction of the plant could potentially improve the village’s economy with guaranteed employment and other investments. This film examines the everyday lives of ordinary people confronted with stark choices about the health of their families and wellbeing of their community.

Film Website:

Sponsors: Japan Committee of the Center for East Asian Studies, the Human Rights Program, the Center for International Studies, the Committee on Cinema and Media Studies, Environmental Studies Program and Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. This event is co-sponsored by DePaulUniversity.

For more information about this lecture and other events in the lecture series, please

For persons needing assistance, please contact the Center for East Asian Studies at 773-702-2715 or in advance.



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