Mimi246 on J-pop music (3)

Mimi246 wrote another entry on this topic on April 27, adding some more significant trends. -tomomi

After I finished writing the previous entry, I realized and thought “oh..!”. My list totally lacked the “visual-kei” artists.

The genres that I didn’t include as I knew their existence but didn’t know very well include Japanese Reggae, for example. I am not that knowledgable about R&B, too. Quite a few female R&B singers appeared after Hikaru Utada’s debut, but my memory is very vague about them.

One more thing that I think I should mention is the post-90s rock in Japan. Many bands with lots of personality appeared in this period.

Blankey Jet City “Pepin” (1)
Guitar Wolf “Jet Generation
thee michelle gun elephant “Birdmen
Quruli, “Akai Densha

The English translation of the lyrics of some songs that I introduced in the previous entries and this entry are introduced in this centigrade-j website. (Please click “translations.” )

I am sure there are still many things missing. I was also wondering how deep I should get into in this summary. Putting the critiques aside, my aim was to introduce the musics of Japanse popular music as much as possible, and to let the people who are interested in Japanese culture abroad about “the real things” – and I hope I could achieve it to some extent. I am sorry, Yamaguchi-san, for increasing your task (of translation).

(1) Blankey Jet City appeared in “Ikaten” show from the band-boom era, but their style was very unique and the band remained active throughout the 90s (it was dissolved in 2000), so I rather chose to introduce them in this section.


9 Responses to Mimi246 on J-pop music (3)

  1. tomomi says:

    Posting mimi246’s comment in Japanese..she made some corrections to my translation mistakes (sorry!!) and added some info. I will reflect the changes to the original posts later. -tomomi


    ・井上陽水と奥田民生のユニット名は「井上陽水奥田民生」なので、ここは”Inoue Yosui Okuda Tamio”でもいいのかもしれません。
    ・「今夜はブギー・バック」は”Konya wa Boogie Back”だと思います。

    ・電気グルーヴの英語表記は”Denki Groove”です(文中に書いてなかったわたしのミスなんですが)。
    ・石野卓球は確か海外では”Takkyu Ishino”で通っていたと思います(同上)。
    ・”He let those who……know how attractive techno is.”の一文に、「電気グルーヴでの活動を通じて」を付け加えていただけないでしょうか。(わたしが張った動画、電気グルーヴと卓球のソロと両方あるので、わかりにくかったかもしれませんが)

    ・ミッシェル・ガン・エレファントの曲は”Birdmen”で す。

    やたらと固有名詞が多い文章だったので、訳されるときはそのあたりでも苦労なさったのではないかと思います。こちらでもせめてアーティスト名やバンド・ユニット名の英文表記くらい つけておけばよかった、とあとから思いました。ご多忙のところ、本当に申し訳ありませんが、どうかよろしくお願いします。


  2. tomomi says:

    Corrections done. Thank you so much, Mimi246-san! If you and anyone else find other errors, please let me know!

  3. tiffanysays says:

    Guitar Wolf! I have heard some stuff by them. Very cool.

  4. naesung says:

    everyone should see the movie they starred in… zombie film with aliens and hermaphrodites… i can’t remember the title……

  5. mimi246 says:

    Thank you for the corrections!!

    I remember the title was “Wild Zero.” Seiji (Guitar Wolf) was really cool in that movie.

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