Even though Emi’s visit was a couple of weeks ago, I feel like I am still a little hesitant to post on the topics she brought up. I missed most of her talk on gender and sexuality, but I did catch most of her talk on adoption. I thought it was a very interesting power point presentation made my Emi. I hadn’t really thought about the global impact of adoption until very recently. Adoption seems to be a popular subject nowadays, especially since Angelina Jolie, a major movie star and humanitarian, has adopted children from various places around the world. Emi talked about how some parents feel like they should adopt ethnically diverse children because they feel obligated to “help” them in some way. Also, it is interesting to think that some people believe ethnic children are more “exotic.” It is almost as if these children are accessories rather than human beings to some people.

Regardless, Emi’s talk made me think about all of the adopted friends I had and what it really meant to be an adopted child. A friend of mine who was adopted went through a major identity crisis; she is Asian and her parents are Caucasian. She would tell me that she was jealous of me and my family repeatedly and I always felt so guilty. What do you say to someone who feels that way? I was totally clueless.

I do not think that international adoption is a bad thing. I think parents should adopt their children with the right intentions and should love their child(ren). Nothing should be forced or forged.


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