Anime as Acceptance (and Art)

I just wanted to express my delight at Beryl’s comment in class today. He said that anime is essentially a form of acceptance. Even after years of trying to draw comics the “Marvel way,” and not being able to succeed…he said that if he at least wrote a good story and put effort into it, his comic would be accepted by the anime community. I really like this idea. Sure, not everyone can be an artist…but if they have a passion for something and really put their all into it, it makes sense that the community should accept his efforts (and encourage him to improve).

It was also interesting to hear his take on anime becoming less and less “Japanese” as non-Japanese artists begin to contribute to the field. Just like house music lost its Chicagoan identity, anime is becoming more of a global creation and less of a style specific to Japan. I think it will definitely be interesting to see where anime goes from here–Beryl thinks that it will become increasingly global. And if the evolution of anime is anything like the evolution of house music (into so many new and unique styles and genres), I think I agree with Beryl that it could be a good thing. As long as non-Japanese artists put as much passion into their drawing and stories, then anime should continue to be just as beautiful and entertaining as it always has been. The importance lies in keeping up the craft.

Thanks to Beryl for taking the time to come speak to us. Awesome last class!

– Jorie


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