Kiku’s Presentation on “oto”

On April 11th, Kiku visited us as our class speaker. He is a musician, composing Post Techno music. He calls this “oto” which is the Japanese translation for sound. Kiku taught us about this genre of music, Post techno. Basically Post Techno is a genre within Electronica. Electronica contains Post Techno, Experimental, and Techno. Post techno has snappy sounds in addition to techno, and combines experimental sound to techno. He played us many samples of this music, and it was really interesting to hear. I dont’ think I have ever consciously heard this type of music before. Kiku studied at Keio University in Japan, and he wrote his thesis on something very cool! He wrote it on CD Skipping Music. What he did was take CD’s and write on them with permanent marker. He then played these CD’s and the CD maid skipping, scratching, “Noise”. He started with Post Techno and creating music using computers and other high technology in 1998, when he met Carsten Nicolai at a Techno Culture event. After this incident Kiku was fascinated with the music.

I have never heard of Post-techno until Kiku explained it to us. It is interesting – almost a new genre of music only capable of being created in this century with all the new high technology DJ’s can use to create and mix music. It is interesting that there is such a segregation between the underground, club music, and the highly institutionalized music. One of the pictures he showed us of these “High Institutions” that play well distinguished Post-Techno music – the one that he showed in Germany, I recognized the building. My parents live in Germany and I visit once a year or so. Everytime I saw this unique buildling with bright lights and glass panes everywhere I always wondered what went on in that building. My dad had ignorantly explained it to me as a “contemporary art museum” but now I finally know that to certain groups of people in the Post-Techno music industry, that is more of a sacred place that only the best can exhibit their music. I hope the next time I walk by the building to go inside and check it out (or listen!) .

Kiku also showed a “Dumb Type” video, which was pretty intense. The white scene that Kiku commented as inspired by hospitals, was really weird. If I was watching the performance live in the dark theatre I would definitely be a bit creeped out.

Kiku is also active in STOP!Rokkashomura campaign. Rokkashomura is a village in Japan that is having to fight for their rights against a nuclear recycling plant that was built there. There is much political debate on whether to keep the plant or to stop it because of the amount of money and jobs Nihon Gennen brought into the village due to their recycling plant. I have reviewed Rokkashomura in another entry so please look for it!

I really enjoyed Kiku’s visit, and wish him luck in his new endeavors with rock and roll music!



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  1. Thanks for sharing Miho – very interesting article.

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