Nori’s visit

I must say that I was at first quite surprised to hear about Nori’s situation and experience in Iraq but was given the opportunity to speak with him personally at the dinner. I find it very unfortunate that he was forced to be the object of ridicule after having suffered as he did those nine days as a hostage and to be accused of the activities that he was when he returned. What I also found interesting was how he seemed to speak only of his critics and not his supporters when he said that he received about 50/50 of each. However, it seems as though he would be more likely to focus on his critics because they are the ones that seemed to trouble him the most, whereas his supporters were telling him things that perhaps he felt should be obvious. What I mean by this is that he felt that everyone should more or less understand what he went through and at least show some form of sympathy for one who has endured what he has, but this was not the case. It is often true that we tend to focus our attention on areas that need improvement rather than those we already feel are in the right place and so I can understand his approach. I think it takes tremendous courage for him to come and speak to us about these experiences and I am sorry that there are still those out there who do not believe what he has said but I do hope that eventually, the internet blogs will serve to elucidate the events that transpired during his capture and perhaps make more available to the public information regarding such occurrences so as to prevent future victims like Nori from dealing with the criticism he has faced.

– Alan


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