Music Day with Kiku!

Kiku’s talk enlightened me about a topic that I really had very little knowledge about: the history of this kind of electronic or noise or computer made music. I didn’t even know that “Post-techno” existed before this! And I also found out that I really, really like it. In fact, Kiku introduced me to a whole world of music that I hadn’t know about, and found that I enjoy. Some of the clips he played in class quite literally took my breath away.

Also, the idea of post-techno becoming institutionalized once it was taken into museums, and the idea of this music genre suddenly becoming a high art by being taken into opera houses and concert halls versus this kind of music in dance clubs. I found it interesting that this issue of “high art” vs “mass art” was found again in this genre. Somehow (and regrettably), though, this culture hasn’t reached the US, really. I’m not sure why.

In class, Kiku said that he thought the Post-techno movement hated social issues, as perhaps they are more about the abstract, but then sakamoto wrote to people and they did things for . I really think that this further emphasizes that activism is really spread on a personal level in many cases–that often, it’s the personal connection you have with someone that happens to be involved that starts you thinking and getting into activism.


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