response to “From ‘Intersex’ to ‘DSD'”

For a lack of a better expression, Emi Koyama’s keynote speech at Translating Identity (“From ‘Intersex’ to ‘DSD’”) simply blew my mind. It is such an exquisitely rich entwinement of various topics of and related to the issue of the term “intersex.” As a gender studies major, I was ashamed by how fuzzy I was about the very definition of “intersex,” so Emi’s list of common misconceptions was definitely helpful. Along with that clarification, I am also glad to learn about other issues orbiting intersex studies, such as “public stripping,” “the impaired role,” and the power of “normalizing medicine.” Some questions that remains are: what are the social costs of intersex/DSD people not forming a political community? Why do so many people, intersex individuals included, feel indifferent to the urgency of solving social problems associated with our anxieties about bodily differences and sexuality? How can pop culture contribute to or inhibit such a solution?


4 Responses to response to “From ‘Intersex’ to ‘DSD'”

  1. Gina says:

    Well Emi Dosn’t speak for all of us.

    there is an active intersex political movement look for OII in your search engine.

    Many of us despise the DSD terminology. It is a term imposed on us by non intersex whites at a conference back in 2004. we do not consider ourselves “Disordered”

    Ms koyama herself does not identify as Intersex and is an apologist for the preposers of this offensive term.

  2. kamododragon says:

    OII Doesn’t speak for all the intersex people out their and they don’t speak for every intersex person. They only speak for themselves.

    OII is a crack pot org and it’s agenda is not in line with what every intersex out their wants.

  3. Anonymous says:

    To those who care,

    I wrote this hastily a year and a half ago as a required assignment for a course I was taking, with no intention of being taken seriously.


  4. igniftprulpwrits says:

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