response to Oto’s visit


I was quite struck by Oto’s discussion of post-techno. Before that class, I didn’t think much of the merits of electronica and certainly never drew the connection between the post-modernist movement in visual art and that of musical art. From my limited experience with electronica in the clubbing scene in high school (most of which I spent in Tokyo), I had always regarded techno/trance fans as mostly ecstasy consumers (because, to be fair, ecstasy and trance do go well). Furthermore, unlike the majority of my peers, I have always harbored a gross lack of interest in following music trends; consequently, I gave no thought to “noise music” and the art of dissonance and carelessly concluded that electronica is nothing more than, well, noise. It’s a shame that “noise music” is characterized as a high-class (and therefore expensive) thing in Japan; if the artistic merits of this genre of music were more popularized everywhere, maybe my kind of ignorance would be less common. Also, I resent the fact that electronica is not included in the Media Aesthetics curriculum. Studying this genre of music would certainly give insight to understanding “the grain of the voice”, the minimalist movement, and many other things examined in that HUM sequence. Does anyone want to write a suggestion note to the Humanities department head?


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