Reunion with Nori in Kumamoto, Japan!

Sorry for the late posting – but I met Nori at a Mass Communication Studies conference held in Kumamoto in June 9-10.
I was a discussant to a panel on backlash against feminism and the role of the mass media and the internet, and Nori joined the panel as a guest speaker!

Nori was doing great – and he was so energetic! He told me that he enjoyed his experiences in Chicago so much, and he felt refreshed since then.
On Saturday night, we had a dinner/drinking gathering at a local restaurant, with lots of horse meat dishes, which is known as a local cuisine of Kumamoto.

The main speaker, Chiki (blogger), talked about his analysis of backlashers on the internet, and posed thoughts about feminism’s failure to communicate its thoughts efffectively to the general public. Nori then told his story on the bashing against him, and his own analysis and thoughts of the situation. Akihiro Kitada, a prof at the University of Tokyo, reported his work in progress on the survey he took with the internet users, especially the users of 2 Channel – and argued that it is wrong to simply assume that 2 Channelers are “right-wing.” I told about my own experience in creating websites and blogs for feminist organizations and of my own. Masami Saito, a feminist activist/scholar based in Toyama, who acted as a moderator also added her perspective as a feminist based in a rural Toyama prefecture.

If you are interested in reading the reports in Japanese, the panel participants posted the following reports and thoughts onto their own blogs.

Chiki Ogiue’s “Ogiue-shiki” (Doesn’t this name sound a bit familiar? Chiki is a big fan of Genshiken!)
General Report
Chiki’s presentation

Masami Saito’s “Gender and Media Blog”
Report and thoughts

Nori’s “Imai Noriaki no Kakera”
Academic Convention and Activism

Tomomi’s blog

Nori and Tomomi in Kumamoto

local fish “sashimi” and raw horse meat


4 Responses to Reunion with Nori in Kumamoto, Japan!

  1. naesung says:

    Dang… I’m going to Cheju-Do in August (an island off the south coast of Korea) and I hope I get to eat horse there too (also a local dish). Honestly, I could care less about dog, scorpions, etc, but horse sounds delicious.

  2. tomomi says:

    Horse meat is delicious! Actually Kumamoto is quite close to Korea. I met a few exchange students in Kumamoto from Montana State, and they were studying Korean language (in addition to Japanese), and taking occasional trips to Korea!

  3. tiffanysays says:


    i am so glad to hear that nori is doing well!

  4. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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